1. What type of printing and paper does Print Headshots use?

We print with TRUE 8 x 10 photo quality, not laser printer or digital printing on card stock. No toner or ink, only true photo developing is used. Our printing provides exceptional detail with incredible color and quality. Card stock is so 80’s that make you look dated and casting directors do not like that bulky heavy paper. Always stick to what casting directors prefer, you don’t want to annoy them.
We use HD Quality Matte/Luster or Gloss Photo stock . Our photo stock provides exceptional color and density to your headshot prints and are slightly thicker than standard photo stock. The prints are blank on the back.

2. Can I just go to my local pharmacy or color copy shop to print my headshots ?

Really??? You spend so much money on your photo shoot and your headshots are key to your success. If you submit an amateur headshot into your audition, you will look “green” and dated and you will not provide a good first impression.
Also, these places print with low quality and do not catch errors with your images, setup borders or name type set… they just take your file and print. Let us do all the work for a low flat rate and higher quality.

4. Why don’t you use card stock paper?

Card stock is not recommended or favored by casting directors or agents. Remember, its not about what you like, its what is favored by casting directors. You do not want to annoy them with bulky heavy card stock paper with poor print quality, it makes you look like an amateur.

5. Should I print resumes on the back of my headshots?

No! You should not print resumes on the back of headshots. Since “working actors” should be updating resumes regularly either with new casting roles or training, casting directors will get the impression that you have not updated your resume recently which looks bad. With our paper you cannot print resumes on the back.

6. What is the best method to submit my images?

The best way to submit your images to Print Headshots is to upload files directly from the CD that was given to you. At times, computers lower resolution to save on hard drive space when you transfer files from the CD to your desktop.

7. How fast can you print and ship my headshot prints?

At Print Headshots, most headshot prints ship same day after proof approval and payment has been made, but we ask you to allow at least 24 hours before an order can be shipped. If you need your order at a specific date, please specify on the order form and we will let you know your deadline can be reached.

9. Can I just pay for the headshot photos when I get them?

Unfortunately, Print Headshots does not ship COD. At Print Headshots, we strive to keep costs down by buying our supplies in bulk and pass down that savings to our customers, in order to continue doing so, we must collect payment for your headshot prints before it ships.