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Within California

    • (In Most cases when orders are  APPROVED and PAID online before 8:00am PST)
  • (Orders placed Saturdays/Sunday ship Monday)

OUTSIDE California

    • ORDER TODAY and RECEIVE YOUR HEADSHOTS in 2 Business Days!
    • (In Most cases when orders are APPROVED and PAID online before 11:00am EST)
  • (Orders placed Saturdays/Sunday ship Monday)
    • For orders within California, you could receive them as early as next day with free shipping.
    • For orders on the East Coast, normally takes 2 working days to arrive  with free shipping
  • Free Shipping are estimates only, if you need your ordered GUARANTEED on a certain date, Express shipping maybe needed.

Online Proofs

    • We process online orders and proofs 24/7 and on Holidays (does not apply to actual printing)
    • Most of the time of the time, proofs are sent within an hour after receiving your order, so please check your e-mails frequently.
    • Please always check your spam or junk folders.
  • * Proofs may  take longer to produce depending on the level and amount of touchups requested. *

Need it tomorrow?

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    • (Extra Shipping fees may apply)
  •  Orders placed on Saturdays/Sundays can ship as early as Monday.

At times, headshot printing orders may take slightly longer to ship. This can be due to many factors such as: mechanical failures of our presses, reprinting jobs if we feel the color and quality are not at acceptable levels and current workload. When such delays occur, we will upgrade your order to Express shipping at no extra charge.

*We ship within the United States Only*